Discover hands free resistance training

Feel the difference with portable fitness solutions that encourage living and moving from the core first

Corefirst Pilates

Your portable reformer, the size of a pair of shoes.

Enjoy mega-reformer-like movements, without the mega price, mega space requirement or mega time commitment.

It's like a gym in a bag.

Without all the bulky equipment

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What's all the hype?

Hands-Free Resistance Training

COREFIRST is the World’s First Hands-Free exercise system that can replace nearly any piece of gym equipment in a bag the size of a pair of shoes. Regardless of your fitness goals, COREFIRST allows you to train in all your favorite ways… while letting go. This allows you to shift the focus from your limbs to your ‘super-power’ muscles – the core, meaning faster results, anywhere, anytime.

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Time saving, money saving, results gaining.

Why does Corefirst work?

People love Corefirst’s challenging movements because they yield incredible results in an incredibly efficient amount of time.

Focus on your core

Corefirst lets you LET GO and focus your attention to the activation of the core in every movement - this produces faster and more efficient results.

Corefirst Portable Pilates System

Fun New Movements

Regain access to your hands with Corefirst "gym equipment" inspired exercises, and elevate your favorite movements or create new ones!

Corefirst Pilates at Home

Convenient & Portable

The size of a pair of shoes and only few pounds, your Corefirst can turn just about any space into a gym or workout studio!

Introducing the Corefirst App


Every Corefirst purchase includes one (1) FREE Week of unlimited VIP access to all programs, workouts, exercises and stretches. After the first month, the app is only $14.99/month.

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