BEN KING – level 1

Denver, Colorado

F7 Lifestyles – Founder/Owner

Connected EC – VP Embodied Leadership


Subject Matter Expert: Corrective Exercise • Mindfulness • Embodied Leadership


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell

“You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe” -Paul Chek


Executive Coach ICF ACC • Somatic Coach Strozzi Institute • CHEK Practitioner II • CHEK  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach • Certified Certified Personal Trainer NASM • Certified Personal Trainer NCSF • Certified Personal Trainer ACE • Certified Myofascial Stretching Practitioner • Level 1 CFX Qualified Coach • TRX GTC, STC, RTC


Corrective/postural exercise • plan management • strength training • flexibility • nutrition • holistic lifestyle management • weight loss • group fitness • personal training • mindfulness • transformational coaching • embodied leadership • public speaking •  • workplace culture • community wellness


Ben is a Master Personal trainer and an Executive Coach specializing in embodied leadership and presence. His personal philosophy is that we can all access and resource abundant wisdom, courage and connection from within our own body. 

Ben strongly believes that life is an embodied experience and is on a mission to contribute to others and enrich lives by aligning the physical body with personal core values and commitments. 
He is the Founder of F7 Lifestyles, a well-being company that helps people make significant physical and leadership breakthroughs. His focus within coaching and training integrates optimal posture, stamina, health and vitality. 

Ben is a lifelong athlete who has devoted his 20+ year career to the advanced study and practice of leadership, exercise, movement and human performance. Having completed more than 50 different certifications, courses and workshops, he is highly skilled in helping people achieve their health and fitness goals and living a powerfully fulfilling life.


Same as personal.

Member Number: A-1-18

CFX level 1 • Male