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High-Intensity Interval Training is the most popular training method today, and for good reason…it works. When done right, HIIT allows you to continue burning fat after your workout longer than traditional “cardio” workouts.

But what if HIIT could be even better? Corefirst™ HIIT elevates HIIT workouts by adding resistance while allowing you to train hands-free. This helps activate all your major core muscles, and gives you access to new functional movements.

What's all the hype?

What is Corefirst HIIT?

We’ve created a way to give you HIIT right in your own home, or anywhere life takes you. Corefirst™ HIIT only takes a minute to set up, and it turns any space into a personal studio! This one portable and convenient product eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment. Whether you are seasoned in HIIT or you’ve never done it before, Corefirst™ HIIT will give you bigger and better results in less time, and leave you wanting more.

World-Class HIIT Instruction & Motivation

Best-in-class coaches that are knowledgeable, motivating and make the time fly by.

More results in less time

Corefirst™ HIIT transfers the work from your limbs to your core, provides faster transitions and utilizes larger muscle groups, resulting in increased strength and performance in less time.

Your Virtual HIIT Studio - Anytime, Anywhere

Turn your home, outdoors or hotel room into your very own HIIT studio with the Corefirst™ App and Corefirst™ which only weighs a few pounds and is the size of a pair of shoes!

Time saving, money saving, results gaining.

Why does Corefirst HIIT work?

People love HIIT’s challenging movements because they yield incredible results in an incredibly efficient amount of time.

Simply attach your Corefirst to any door, piece of large furniture or use one of our 50 other anchoring options, open your Corefirst app and start working out!

Corefirst HIIT

What is included?


Want to take it up a level?

Corefirst HIIT Plus

Everything in the Corefirst™ HIIT, plus…

Elevate your HIIT experience with the ability to combine the light, medium and heavy cords and get more than SIX (6) different levels of resistance for your HIIT movements. You can also use heavy cords to increase the assistance for a movement, or light cords to decrease assistance!

Corefirst™ HIIT Plus

Maximize your resistance options and complete your Corefirst package with the addition of light (gray) and heavy (black) Corefirst resistance cords, included in HIIT Plus only.

Want IT all?

Corefirst COMPLETE

The Corefirst™ Complete provides the ultimate Corefirst experience and includes everything you need to enjoy the full results of EVERY Corefirst program! It includes everything in the Corefirst HIIT Plus, plus the Corefirst Pilates and strength accessories:

The Corefirst Complete turns any space into virtually any type of studio you want, and you’ll never get bored with all the possibilities! Pilates, HIIT, rowing, glute, abdominal, arm work – you name it – this has it and more!

Already own a Corefirst? Purchase a HIIT Add-on to get only what you need.

Introducing the Corefirst App

A VIP Pass to Your HIIT Workouts

The Corefirst App includes our complete vault of workouts & exercises PLUS the collection of new weekly workouts for each program! Every Corefirst purchase includes one (1) FREE WEEK of unlimited VIP access to all programs, workouts, exercises, and stretches. After the first month, the app is only $14.99/month.


3 Months of the Corefirst app for only $8.99!

Anchor Up

Where do you attach the anchor?

From a doorframe to a tree in the middle of the park, anchor your Corefirst wherever works best for you! With endless possibilities for anchoring, you really can take it anywhere! 

Introducing your HIIT Coaches

You’re going to love Corefirst™ HIIT

Whether it’s the creativity built into the exercises, the instructors’ ability to make you laugh, or the delicious stretches at the end of each workout, you’ll have everything you need to get a world-class HIIT experience at home or on the go.

  • Cost
  • No costly studio membership
  • No travel time, parking or costs
  • No missing out on booked classes
  • Working out in the comfort of your own home
  • Portable, hands-free resistance to elevate your HIIT workouts anywhere.
  • Convenient mobile app with fresh, new workouts & content every week

Corefirst HIIT

  • $

HIIT Workouts in a Studio

  • $$$$

What the Pros are saying...

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

Order your Corefirst HIIT or HIIT Plus
Take it out of the box and anchor up
Login to your Corefirst App

Love it, or send it back!

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Frequently Asked Questions

While the Corefirst™ HIIT and Corefirst™ HIIT Plus are one-time purchases, the Corefirst™ App is an optional $9.99/mo after your first FREE MONTH.

We’re glad you asked! Take a look here to see all of the ways!

We designed the program to fit your needs and schedule. Each HIIT workout is 30 minutes long, but there are additional videos available on the Corefirst™ App as well!

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