The standard Corefirst™ comes with Medium resistance cords (8lbs-24lbs) and is great for someone with average strength and flexibility. This trainer suits most people! Additionally, if you plan to use the Corefirst for Reformer-style pilates, the Corefirst™ Pilates will take care of all of your needs!

The Corefirst™ Plus comes with light, medium, and heavy resistance cords (6lbs-36lbs) and is great for any training level. From injury recovery to elite athlete, the elite system will give you the most variety and options for your workouts.

Yes, you can remove the Corefirst™ Wraps and wash them by hand or in the washing machine. Wash using cold water, no soap, and air dry.

Check out the section “Washing Your Wraps” on the Getting Started page.

The Corefirst™ Trainer is made for all fitness levels. The resistance band difficulty levels are easy to adjust on the fly and with the wraps holding onto you, there is no risk of accidentally letting go or dropping heavy weights. The Corefirst™ Trainer is as incredible of a tool for someone recovering from an injury as it is for a professional athlete training at the top of their game..

You bet it is! Using the Patent Pending Hands-Free Wraps that hold onto you, you are able to turn on your major muscles like never before and engage for longer then ever before. With resistance up to 36lbs with the Elite Trainer, it is more than enough for the average person.

The best part is, if you are stronger then the average person, because of the Hands-Free technology, you can combine Corefirst Trainer resistance bands, giving you more engagement in every movement and strengthening like never before.

Yes, the Corefirst Trainer will be your new favorite stretching partner! Using the Patent Pending Hands-Free Wraps that hold onto you, you can relax as the Trainer does the work for you, so you can just focus on lengthening your muscles and stretch deeply.

Every Trainer comes with a 2-in-1 Door Attachment/Small Loop Anchor. Easily slip this anchor through the hinge side of any door, close the door and ta-da! You are ready to go! Alternatively, you can use the same anchor by wrapping it around any heavy object 4″ in or less in diameter. The ability to anchor anywhere also allows you the flexibility to anchor low, middle, or high for a variety of different exercise angles. For more information visit Getting Started page.

You can also anchor to larger objects, such as trees or poles using the Large Anchor, sold separately. View Long Anchor

Oh yeah, we’ve got you! Each Corefirst system comes with a FREE Month of the Corefirst App, where you can access our full library of programs, exercises and stretches!

They fit all sizes. The Wraps slide open large enough to fit over any size hand or foot and close to the right fit for any size wrist, foot, or ankle. Check out the section “Putting on your wraps” on the Getting Startedpage.

Unless if you are trying to workout inside of your car, any room or outside area will work. The length of Corefirst™ Trainer fully maxed out, and at peak resistance level per cord, is 10 feet but if that even happens to still be too long, there are several ways to shorten the overall length of the Trainer to fit any space constraints. Watch “Shortening Trainer Length” video on theGetting Startedpage.

The Long Anchor is sold separately from the the Home and Elite Trainer systems. You should add this accessory if you plan on anchoring around any heavy object larger than 4″ in diameter.

If you would like some extra cushion on the ground, we also have very high quality Yoga/Fitness Mats

We are proud to say we are made and manufactured in the USA!

We are glad you asked! The Corefirst™ Trainer weighs less than 1lb and fits into a travel bag the size of 1 female size 7 shoe! So yes, it’s perfect for travel!


We ensure quick shipment; shipping out within the next business day of purchase. The typical order within the U.S. arrives within 3 to 5 business days of the purchase date. Note: Please see website header for any changes due to holidays or abnormal circumstances.

If for whatever reason you aren’t blown away by the Corefirst™ Trainer, no problem, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee from the time your package is delivered.

Due to their nature, digital purchases such as access to the Corefirst App, are non-refundable.

You bet! We believe in the quality of our product and offer a 1-year warranty on all of our Trainers. See more on the Warranty Info Page

We’re happy to ship anywhere you are! All prices on our website are listed in US dollars. Shipping is free within the U.S., but there will be a shipping charge for orders outside of the U.S. Additional charges vary by country. Any customs, tariffs, or additional taxes are not included with the shipment cost and are the responsibility of the customer upon delivery.

We do have options for disounts on bulk orders. If you are interested in this option, please email us today. jeff@mycorefirst.com