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Level 1.0 is to qualify you. Level 2.0 is to CERTIFY you.
In the level 1.0 basics course, you learned basic set-up and use, the COREFIRST PLANK™ & CF VARIABLES™ and COREFIRST CUEING & COACHING. 

In 2.0, you’ll take your professional education to the next level where we’ll deep dive into the exceptionally unique and powerful benefits of Hands-Free Resistance Training™ combined with elastomers.


TIME: 7 Hours

LOCATION: in person (recommended) or virtual



  1.  moving properly from ‘the core’ out (and the importance of countering ‘flexion’)
  2. the importance of training slow: iso-slows, eccentric contraction and anti-rotation
  3. the importance of training fast: rapid-explosive, overspeed training (and not just for athletes)
  4. enhancing other exercises- combined with other apperati
  5. elevating ‘human connection’- movement connected to emotion and breath

Each of the 5 sections include an ‘APPLICATION LAB,’ which physically practices these principles that can be immediately integrable into your coaching.  

BOLD STATEMENT:  The Corefirst Trainer™ is one of the ONLY tools that allows you to apply resistance (or assistance) while being in COMPLETE EXTENSION.  You’ll not only learn why this is critical, and how to apply it, but you’ll also set yourself apart by bringing this critical application to your clients.
NOTE: Course CEC’s currently will apply for ACE, NASM/AFAA, ACSM, & (NSCA per request).

4 reviews for CF TRAINER™ 2.0 COURSE

  1. Melissa Borkowski

    The corefirst level 2.0 training made a true mark in more ways than one. Chris knott was an incredible wealth of knowledge far beyond the physical training aspect of what we do as fitness professionals. Some deeper takeaways include having true intention behind each class, session, client interaction and the power of digging deeper with both our clients and ourselves. Emotional connection is so important in what we do and so often overlooked. Attending the training in person gave us the opportunity to connect as a true “corefirst family” sharing our goals, our motivations, our why’s behind what essentially brought us together. The energy was contagious and I left the weekend feeling more ready than ever to crush my goals and bring something amazing to my clients, both old and new.

  2. Taylor Ballinger

    The CoreFirst 2.0 Course was a weekend I’ll never forget. I walked into the weekend having never met the CoreFirst team in person, and walked out with a new family. Not only did I learn a mass amount of mental and physical training knowledge from Chris Knott, but I also got to learn about the goals and passions of the other CoreFirst trainers. This course will open your heart and open your mind and give you so much to take back to your clients. ?

  3. Danielle Stock

    The 2.0 course was a perfect addition to complement the qualified 1.0. It was a course about injury prevention and connection. We just go through the motions sometimes , especially virtually. This course taught us to reconnect not only with clients , but with ourselves. The course was designed to find that inner connection, and connect your breath to your training. We got to meet other studio owners and build our core first family. Highly recommend !

  4. Charlotte Lester

    The CF Trainer 2.0 Course was awesome and it had many great takeaways for me. This is not a course where you will be presented with tons of exercises but this course has made me a better coach for my clients. A few of my takeaways are I find myself (1) being more aware of my clients demeanor before a class or session; (2) being more receptive and willing to change my programming on a fly as needed based on clients demeanor before or during a class or a session; and (3) being more aware of making a HUMAN connection with all clients. I highly recommend this course!

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