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  1. Experience the Founder’s 30 minute master class taught by Doniphan Stone, that includes Corefirst™ strength, metabolic, mobility, performance and stretching!
  2. Get dozens of Corefirst™ Trainer application ‘tricks’ that will help differentiate your training
  3. Learn how to improve upon the industry’s standard ground based plank and internal exercise cuing!
  4. Experience the ‘MIGHTY 7 CoreFirst VARIABLES’ that challenge the Corefirst™ Plank!
  5. See how the Corefirst™ Trainer elevates ALL other training tools!
  6. Connect and network with the best training professionals in the world!


  • Effectively set-up and use the Corefirst™ Trainer anywhere.
  • Educate others on the benefits of the Corefirst™ Trainer and Hands-Free Resistance Training™.
  • Experience the nomenclature, brand standards, values and culture of the exploding Corefirst™ brand!
  • Safely coach and cue others through exercises, workouts and stretches
  • Apply Corefirst™ Training principles to create new and unique movements and programs.
  • Have access to Corefirst™ Ambassador benefits which includes, but aren’t limited to: product sales points for redemption, discounts for customers/clients, access to Fitpro Forums, Company meetings, and more!

NOTE: Course CEC’s currently will apply for ACE, NASM/AFAA, ACSM, & (NSCA per request).

5 reviews for COREFIRST™ 1.0 COURSE

  1. Marcy Bruce

    Love the course. Was so seamless and very easy to learn how to use and deliver to my clients. Love it.

  2. Kelly

    This is one of the best training courses I have taken. I love the CoreFirst trainer and after taking the course, I know how to quickly turn on my client’s core for every exercise. I feel confident using the trainer for the exercises listed on the guide, but also enjoy knowing enough to make up my own exercises as well.

  3. Katherine Jurva

    I am extremely impressed with my Corefirst Trainer. After receiving it I knew I needed to learn everything I could about it. I am a studio owner and wanted to expand my business with something new, but versatile that clients could use in and out of the studio. The Level 1 course taught be how it came to be, all the different ways this product could be incorporated in the fitness industry; to include live and online trainings. I walked away confident from the training and am excited to be part of their fit pro community.

  4. Devon Littlefield

    So happy I took the 1.0 course after purchasing my CF Trainer. I loved getting to learn more about the why behind designing the product, learning about how the founders of the business created the company and their drive behind sharing this brand! I learned so much about how the trainer can be used to modify or progress exercises for all levels! Highly recommend to add in for anyone wishing to use their trainer with other clients or just for personal use!

  5. Ryan Hoover

    An excellent class, that opened my eyes to the (many) possibilities of the CoreFirst Trainer and Hands-Free Training. This product and exercise modality has many more applications than I would have thought of, had I not taken the class. Well worth it!

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