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Do you recognize that you are more then just a personal trainer, instructor, or business owner? Do you see that helping people be in good physical shape is just one part of the puzzle?

If yes to either of these questions, we invite you to take this course to give you more tools, approaches, and knowledge in helping people who work with you have not only body transformations but also life transformation.

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This course was created to help you set specific goals that are deep to personal desire and strengthen your personal commitment to them, through practices and exploration in all parts that make us human. This course and course book, was developed from decades of research, education, hands on experience, and proven methods that lead to significant transformation.

The aim of this course is for you to…

  1. Gain a greater awareness of your intrapersonal communication, future vision, and your personal “why” and “what”.
  2. Set a clearer goal and next steps to achieving it.
  3. Grow in a sense of dialy purpose, connectedness, and follow through.
  4. Provide the Corefirst Devotion book as a tool for your peers and clients to do the same.

This course includes…

  • The Corefirst Devotion book. Authored by our Corefirst President, Doniphan Stone, and Dr. Hobby Chapin. The book includes, 6 weeks of a brief daily reading and a 10 minutes of guided application.
  • (4) Zoom calls strategically placed from the beginning to the end of the 6 weeks.

What this course requires of you…

A noticable desire to live from your DEEPEST PASSIONS.

Willingness to use small amounts of time to INVEST IN YOUR LIFE.

Collaboration with others from a TEACHABLE POSTURE.

Let’s join together in a fresh adventure! As we walk together through this process, we desire for you to have a transformed life through a new way of approaching your goals day by day.

5 reviews for CF DEVOTION 1.1 COURSE

  1. Charlotte Lester

    Amazing!!! It will make you dig deep in developing meaningful goals in all areas of your life. This course is so powerful!

  2. CL Thomas

    This is a great course for those trying to put things in order in able to reach their goals. Step by step way to change your mentality towards the right type of actions.

  3. Jennifer Hale

    Do you feel a bit stuck in reaching your goals and living your purpose in life? Take this course and you’ll discover clarity! Fearless Devotion helped me reach a goal and form a plan for continuing to set and reach goals staying true to my deepest needs and desires – my “why”. This course describes a path which can be followed again and again as your goals morph and grow pushing you to become the best version of yourself you can be, positively impacting those around you. Start your journey today!

  4. Audrey Acevedo

    This course was so super transformative for me! Taking this journey,following the curriculum, and immersing myself in a community of those walking the same path had helped me not only professionally but personally. It has also inspired me to help others find the same successes, and pay it forward by sharing these concepts with them. Highly recommend this course!

  5. YogiTina

    A M A Z I N G! This helped me dig deeper into my whole being and existence. Giving me a plan and a path to reach my goals and dreams. I will read this again and again and apply it forever….I so needed this direction…EVERYONE needs this direction!!

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