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9 reviews for Corefirst™ Pilates - Program Only

  1. Susan C.

    I absolutely love Pilates classes on the reformer, but my schedule lately has been so crazy, I can’t seem to get into a class when I CAN go. This program came up in my FB feed, and at first glance, I was intrigued. I wasn’t sure what to think but decided to purchase it and give it a shot.

    I knew my first workout would be a stretch class. I LOVE FEET IN STRAPS while on the reformer. I have always wanted a reformer, but I don’t have the space, nor do I want to spend that much money.

    I have to say, the Corefirst is PERFECT. I love the variety of stretches I can now do at home! I am a breast cancer survivor so my range of motion in my chest and shoulders are limited. I spent some time before my Corefirst arrived and checked out all of the various classes they offer online. This is where I found my stretch class, as well as other videos for my chest and shoulders.

    I purchased the Corefirst Pilates System & Program, and I also purchased the light and heavy straps in addition to the bundle. The straps are great quality and very well made! Thank you for offering an affordable program and device I can use at home, on vacation, outdoors, or honestly, just about anywhere. I highly recommend.


    Definitely brings the reformer feel to your home:)

  3. Nancy Hocke

    It goes a little fast the an routines – and if you don’t have anchor spots you’ll have to figure something else out, but man do you feel it – in a good way. Your workout is not someone you follow through the exercises but you get a printout of what to do, how many reps etc. . Worth the price? If you got full access for life – yes and it should come with all levels of resistance bands. Great program great trainers.

  4. Amy F

    I’ve had my corefirst trainer for two weeks now and I love it! The workouts are varied and challenging. I’m finding it helpful to watch the movement, practice it a time or two then go on with the video.

  5. Jan Rifino

    My now closed Pilates studio had spring walls – if you don’t know what that is, they are attached coil springs that add resistance for arm and leg exercises. I have missed them sooooo much! The added difference in building strength and getting that elongated muscle. I am THRILLLLLED I happened on a FB ad for this product. Purchased immediately!! I wished I had purchased the heavy as well but I am so happy to see you can buy them separately. The quality is outstanding. THANK YOU so much for creating this product!!!

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