HIIT Add On Package


High-Intensity Interval Training is the most popular training method today, and for good reason…it works. When done right, HIIT allows you to continue burning fat after your workout longer than traditional “cardio” workouts.

This HIIT Add On will elevate your HIIT workouts by adding resistance while allowing you to train hands-free with your existing Corefirst™. This helps activate all your major core muscles, and gives you access to new functional movements.


  • COREFIRST HIIT POSTER – Double sided 12″x18″ poster with HIIT exercises and an easy getting started guide.
  • (3) COREFIRST CIRCLE BANDS- High-quality bands to activate even more of your muscles. Light, Medium, and Heavy included.
  • COREFIRST APP – 3 Months of VIP Access included, valued at $30!