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The Corefirst™ light bands are the perfect accessory to add to the Corefirst Classic if you want to add more resistance on top of your medium bands, if you are new to fitness, want to target smaller muscle groups, or are coming back from an injury.

Note: the light bands are not a complete system.

Use the Corefirst Light Bands to:

  • Add incremental resistance to the Medium or Heavy Corefirst
  •  Provide a little assistance to challenging movements
  •  Get started on a regular fitness program for the first time

These bands also provide: 

  • Safe, ‘non-snap’ safety sleeve so the user is protected
  • Take it everywhere - under 1lbs and is the size of a small pair of shoes
  • Attach at any height and easily sets up in seconds

Note:  Add a Corefirst Medium System, Corefirst Heavy Bands if you want to:

(Corefirst Medium) 

  • Challenge most movements and muscle groups
  • Do regular, full-body stretch sessions
  • Get back on a regular fitness journey toward your best self

(Corefirst Heavy) 

  •  Challenge major muscle groups and focus on strength goals
  •  Continue your strength growth journey beyond the Corefirst Medium
  •  Increase stability or assist difficult movements
  •  Provide that extra stretch for tight muscles

These bands include:


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • FREE Corefirst Basic App with Getting Started videos and Free Workouts forever. 
  • FREE 14 day trial of the All-Access Membership. Post-trial membership options available for $7.49 - $14.99/mo. Cancel anytime.



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gloria Gameros
Easy and convenient

I love how easy it is to use. No bulky or heavy machine to maneuver around. Convenient to use anywhere.

Ronnie Cano
Great introductory resistance

This is my first time using bands for Pilates work in almost 10 years and the light resistance was a great introduction to the moves. I am transitioning from heavy weight lifting to Pilates and wanted something to help me transition into working my stabilizing muscles.

Jana Milstein
Light bands

I absolutely love them and do NOT know what I have done with out them. Have brought my workouts to another level!

That's wonderful Jana! So glad you're finding success with Corefirst!

Cathy Martin
Light Band

Great to have another option.

Brenda Smith
New System, New Options!

I recently added the Corefirst Light System to my fitness equipment toolbox, and I'm absolutely thrilled at the new options that I can offer my clients!


Set up your Corefirst in dozens of locations, at any height, for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle.



Tiffany Millikan

Thanks for creating such an amazing Prop! As a fitness trainer, I love how the Corefirst allows clients to automatically connect to their core FIRST in every posture.

Svitlana Luchkina

The Corefirst has an advantage over all else that is out there, it gets the whole body involved in each movement for strengthening but also allows me to fully let go for great assisted stretching.

Tina Giltner

This is definitely my most favorite fitness tool and it gives you INSTANT results! It will enhance any fitness you choose from Yoga to HIIT!! THE. PERFECT. FITNESS. TOOL.

CL Thomas

​​I use the core first trainer to enhance a variety of exercises. It’s great to keep in my duffel or travel bag because it’s so lightweight and portable.

Audrey Acevedo

I love how versatile the Corefirst is! The wraps are genius and as they hold onto me through every movement, I can really feel my core work like never before.

Cait Giacino

The Corefirst is truly one of a kind. The BEST part about the Corefirst is how it lights your whole body up!

Denise Graef

I train people on Pilates Reformer, Chair, and CoreAlign. This CoreFirst is exceptional because it’s so lightweight and travel-ready.

Ashley Kapes

The Corefirst is the best training tool on the market right now. What I love about this product the most is that it can adapt to any stage of life for any goals in mind.