Corefirst Wraps

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This item includes:

  • 2 Corefirst wraps
  • 2 Corefirst carabiners
Corefirst Wraps

Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Orsinger
Love these because can do so much

I love the Core First wraps because not only do they allow me to utilized this in so many ways but also allow me to continue to do a workout even with an injury. I hurt my ankle so I was able to just put the wrap higher on my calf and still get my workout in. Easy to clean also!

Love the wraps

So comfortable and easy to use. I have bad wrists and these really work great!

Nancy Bullard
larger wraps

I love the larger wraps because I don’t like to like my shoes off when I’m training and I can easily switch between wrists and ankles with these wraps!

Diane Fleischman
New wraps

The new CoreFirst wraps are so worth it! They work so much better with the most recent release and secondly it’s how they tighten up on the arms/legs and the bonus they are more comfortable. If you haven’t gotten them. I would totally recommend you do so. Diane F

So glad you're loving it Diane!

Lisa Lyford
Extra Straps!

I love the straps and it’s nice to have an extra set. I bought two wall anchors that are mounted at different heights on my wall, and it’s really nice to have the medium and heavy resistance bands attached to the anchors with wrist straps, so I can easily bounce back-and-forth between the two without losing any time.

Thank you for the feedback! Having an extra set of anchors is a great idea!