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  1. LAURA

    Convenient, easy to use, variety of videos. Already feel a stronger core after one week of Pilates exercises. Looking forward to using the Corefirst more and more!

  2. Olivia

    The equipment is everything I hoped for to reconnect with my Pilates practice at the convenience of my home. All components are user friendly and the reformer simulation works! So far, it’s been only a month since I started exploring the routines on the App with the awesome trainers guiding Pilatus 1 sessions. I enjoy the progression, flow, and increasing intensity of the sessions. My body is shaping up again in ways only Pilates can do. Clearly, I don’t regret my purchase!

  3. Arlene Zamudio

    Great and gentle workout for my 75 year old body. I love the stretch plus the resistance.

  4. Tonia Keusch

    I am 6 days into the Corefirst HIIT and I really do love it! I like the feeling of getting a full body workout. Getting my core engaged and building strength in this unique fun way is truly refreshing.

    Area to improve… in the app there is a section to add in a 20 minute core workout. The trainer doesn’t talk, give instruction or play music through the whole video. While the exercises are amazing it’s kind of boring to do.

  5. Marcy Bruce

    Excellent efficient and very user friendly Excellent course and well deliveries. Love Mycorefirst.

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