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  1. Larry Pambianco

    I love not only the Corefirst Trainer but the guys who put this all together. The Trainer is quite convenient in that you can do it anywhere you go. Pack it in a bag for a trip, take it to the gym or do it in the privacy of your home. I have found it to work parts of my anatomy that regular lifting of weights doesn’t get. Also, the workbook that has been designed by them to go with the workouts is top quality. Their approach is very wholistic. Their goal is to get not only your body but your soul and heart in shape and in sync all together. It is quite professional but has a very personal touch to it. I highly recommend the Corefirst Trainer to those who are serious about workouts and connecting with life challenges.

  2. Kyle Frei

    The Corefirst Trainer has been a nice way to mix up my normal workout. I also have a wrist injury so the straps are perfect for not aggravating it. The quality is very good, I could see the bands lasting quite awhile.
    I travel a lot for work and it easily fits in my suitcase. It’s nice to know you can get a full body workout on the road because you never know how good the hotel’s gym will be, if they have one at all.

  3. Jim Helfrich

    I have used Corefirst Trainer for over a year now with my personal trainer. We always have a different set of exercises, because he is always coming up with new movements that find muscles I didn’t know that I had. There’s a lot to do with the Corefirst Trainer by itself, but they also add a new options when attached creatively to other gym equipment.

  4. J Woeste

    I use Corefirst Trainer on days that I don’t go to the gym. The suggested workouts in the book are very helpful. I get a great and thorough workout.

  5. Zak

    I love how versitile this product is and how many exercises you can do with this product! I would recommend this if you have any kind of pain and you don’t want to give up on Fitness. It’s been great to build my core.

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