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  1. Kathy Gendelman

    I absolutely love the Corefirst Trainer. The more I play with it, the more I realize how even the most basic move sets my core on fire! The Corefirst Trainer is helping me with my balance, something I have often struggled with. It really is teaching me to stabilize my core and leverage my body weight to increase my strength. The hands-free aspect allows me to add other pieces of equipment, such as dumbbells and kettlebells; taking my workouts to the next level. Im always left wanting more!

  2. Sina

    The workouts I’ve had with Corefirst have been better and less painful on my joints than free weights typically are.

  3. Filip Tomaszewski

    When I saw the Corefirst trainer on Instragram I knew I had to get my hands on this, (or should I say around it)
    Being big fan of creating better solutions for my clients, the Corefirst Trainer offers exactly that. This hand free implement fires up the core almost instantly, it is very user friendly and is ideal for general population.
    I have tested it on athletes, elderly and avid gym goers. They we’re all amazed by it’s simplicistic design and it’s profound effect on the entire body. Corefirst is a superbad tool. I highly recommend it to anyone that trains clients or even themselves. It’s easy to carry with you when you travel and you can train almost anywhere with it.

  4. Cait Giacino

    The Corefirst Trainer is truly one of a kind. First of all, I love how easy it is to travel with. It’s the perfect piece of equipment to take with you when you’re on the go. It easily fits into a backpack or suitcase. But, the BEST part about the CF Trainer is how it lights your whole body up! The moment you walk away from the anchor point you are forced to activate your core and FOCUS. It has really strengthened my mind body connection and improved my stability. Lastly, I love that it’s hands free. I can either hold other pieces of equipment and do fun combination exercises OR give my grip strength the rest it needs after a day of heavy dead-lifts.

  5. Levi

    Names Levi, I have had the opportunity to workout with the Corefirst Trainer throughout their development as a client for Donovan. The Corefirst gives you a crazy amount of options for working out different parts of the body. I think what makes them so unique is coming up with new ideas or forms of workouts with them, because it seems like it’s never ending. Every workout, I seem to find a new kind of workout to do with them and at completion of the workout it just feels good. None of it is easy, these bands make you work, however, you also don’t have to be an expert to use them, or have a lot of strength. The bands allow for a multitude of experience and strength to use them. For those that have never worked out, they are perfect. For those that are workout addicts, they are perfect. Just utilize the Corefirst website and search for different workouts to try and off you go into the world of soreness and increased strength. Thank you Corefirst for making working out fun and creative. Can’t wait to get back in the gym!

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