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  1. Andrea Angioli

    I love using the Corefirst with my clients and myself. It is very light weight so easy to bring anywhere and enhances the workout! It is great to use with rehab clients that aren’t able to grip so well due to injury or as a warm up for heavier lifts in the gym.

  2. Noah

    I have never felt my core muscles work like they have with the Corefirst Trainer. The hands-free aspect of the trainer allows me to focus on my engagement without getting distracted by my grip. I am now able to do all that I need and much more, anywhere and everywhere I can.

  3. Chris Olsen

    Great product! I travel often for my job and working out has been difficult, however the Corefirst Trainer makes it easy to stay on top of my game. Will easily fit into my suitcase and i can workout almost anywhere! I highly recommend!

  4. Kelly Paolini

    I have been lucky to work with this system with my trainer. Every workout there is a new way to incorporate the resistance bands to target specific muscles and increase effectiveness. It has taken my workouts to a whole new level. I highly recommend it!

  5. Vincent Turnbull

    I have been going to the gym for over 2 years now and I started training with Fearless Training who introduced me to the Corefirst Trainer. Not only did it fix my form with my workouts, it maximized my workouts to the full potential. My muscles now get the stimulation/pump that they need and with the wide range of workouts I can do with the Corefirst Trainer the possibilities are endless. I have made purchases throughout the years for at home or gym equipment and thus by far is the best investment I have made. It truly does not matter if you are a newbie or a expert in the gym the Corefirst Trainer is designed for all to use! Do not hesitate on purchasing the Corefirst Trainer…you will be sorry if you do!

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