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  1. Marcy Bruce

    Excellent efficient and very user friendly Excellent course and well deliveries. Love Mycorefirst.

  2. Parvaneh

    I’ve been a fitness coach over 10 years with about 70 certificates from different companies. I am the Spartan team captain & TRX Team Coach. I have 15 qualifications & certs from TRX.
    It was really wonderful to experience a training tool in a totally new way & sometimes even with a new pose and all of this with the most perfect layering of cues, which makes me enjoy the workout even more.
    Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the Corefirst community ‘different drills, modifications & variations….It is all really eye opening!!!!!

  3. Yanira Medina

    I’m addicted to suspension training and core training. I use the Corefirst in all my workouts and train my clients in all planes with it. It’s a great product and high quality. It’s a very challenging and fun at the same time!!!!

  4. sylvie patrick

    Easy to use with clients. Great anchor option. this is definitely a product to add to your personal trainer’s tool box !

  5. Kelly

    I love using the CoreFirst trainer and my clients love it as well. Every exercise lights up the whole core allowing for a very efficient workout. There are so many moves to do with the trainer so it never gets boring. I love how portable and light it is, yet strong and functional.

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