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  1. CL Thomas

    I’ve been a fitness coach for over 6 years and do a lot of mobile training. As soon as I saw the Corefirst trainer I knew I would add it to my utility belt. I use it with ALL of my clients including my 13 yo daughter. Portable, functional and a lot of fun.

  2. Devon Littlefield

    Absolutely love the Corefirst trainer! I am a full time fitness professional with 7 training certifications and over 8 years of professional training experience; I work with clients of all experience levels and love how versatile and convenient the Corefirst Trainer is for clients! This trainer truly helps individuals connect with their “core first” which is one of the hardest things to correctly teach to clients and this product assists in the best possible way to get clients to connect properly and safely to their muscles. I was blown away by the quality of the product for the price point and love that I can take this equipment anywhere, as someone who travels often I love that I can bring it along with me without having to worry about space! Highly recommend.

  3. Ryan Hoover

    I love the CoreFirst trainer! I train clients mobile, mostly in their homes but also sometimes outdoors, sometimes in condo building gyms (with varying equipment). I’ve always used a lot of resistance bands, of many types. You might say I’m a connoisseur of resistance bands (and all types of equipment really, but definitely bands). I think CF will be my most important type of bands to use. Once I tried it myself I could feel the difference in forcing your core musculature to move the resistance; and I’m very good at that already (I thought). So for beginners, overweight, seniors (all my main type of clients) especially I think this will be a game-changer in teaching clients and getting them results faster. Also just the ability to do the standing plank exercise will be immensely helpful, as many of my clients have difficulty getting up and down from the ground. The CF also adds many movement options I hadn’t thought of, such as resisted crawls, resisted boxing/kickboxing, adding resistance bands to dumbbell training, it’s awesome for stretching, I could go on and on! Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

  4. Cait W

    The Corefirst Trainer is exactly what I needed to spice up my fitness routine. It is so versatile in that you can use it anytime and anywhere and incorporate it uniquely into a variety of workouts. It can also accommodate a wide range of ability levels and fitness needs/interests.

  5. Ashley Kapes

    The CoreFirst trainer is the best trainer on the market right now. It has allowed me to connect to all my clients, anywhere at anytime. In one of the most unknown times in our world, this was a consistent tool I used to bring our fitness community back together we spent so many years building. What I love about this trainer the most is that it can adapt to any stage of life.

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