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  1. dlreemmer

    I just received it looks like a quality piece of equipment.

  2. Danielle Stock

    Being a fitness business owner during a pandemic is never easy. The core first trainer came at just the right time. It has not only taken workouts to a new level , and engaged my core more than any other tool on the market, but it has saved our business. We needed something fresh, new , affordable and challenging. It was the perfect fit and enables me to be creative in designing a class structure. Every home and studio should have one !

  3. John

    Most effective workout ever!

  4. Stacy Buster

    As a fitness studio owner, when forced to close in March 2020, it was hard to know how to pivot the business from in person to virtual. At the same time, I was recovering from back surgery, so leading virtual was a bit difficult. I discovered CoreFirst via social media and decided to become an ambassador. I began to regularly use the trainer myself and was amazed how quickly my core became stronger and more resilient during my rehab. I was sold myself and thus made it much easier for me to promote the product to my clients. The ability to use the trainer alone or as an accessory to make a light weight more challenging has been a game changer!! I am now a level 2 certified coach and use the product in almost every workout! When travel opens back up, this will be the one tool I always travel with!

  5. Jamie Pewinski

    I love my Corefirst!! I have both the light and medium resistance and they’re perfect! I can also combine them to make the resistance even greater, but haven’t needed that yet! Extremely easy set up! Lightweight and mobile, so I can keep my workouts going, no matter where I go!
    Every move engages the core and the exercises are creative and safe! I could feel a difference in only a few workouts!
    Total game changer, whether you’re just beginning or are a seasoned vet!!

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