Corefirst is the World’s First Hands-Free All-in-One Portable Cable Machine, and so much more…

Here are just a few of the countless things you can do with the Corefirst Training System:

✅ Attach the wraps to your ankles and use it as a traditional cable machine for leg day.

✅ Attach the wraps to your wrists and use the Trainer as a traditional cable machine for an upper-body workout. You will experience core engagement like you’ve never felt with the cable machine at the gym.

✅ Forget painful ground planks and strengthen your core with the Corefirst™ standing plank and other insane standing core work

✅ Replace your dumbbells (or supplement them) with hands-free resistance training. Do everything you normally do with dumbbells, hands-free. — Learn more about hands-free

✅ Use it just like a Pilates Reformer! (One of our customer’s favorites secrets!)

✅ Put the wraps around your wrists facing toward or away from the anchor point for a leveled-up boxing workout.

✅ Use it for sport-specific training: our customers love it for tennis, golf, baseball, soccer, and football to name a few!

✅ Sit on the ground with the wraps around your wrists with sliders placed under your feet to use it as a rower!

✅ Use it as a stretching machine to lengthen your tightest muscles.



The accessibility and convenience of the Corefirst™ is second-to-none.

Anyone The light, medium and heavy resistance levels, coupled with the range of resistance that each cord provides, accommodates any level, whether it’s a child or someone with movement challenges, to an elite level athlete, and everyone in between.

Anyplace Weighing just over 1 lb and the size of a female’s size 7 shoe, the Corefirst Trainer™ can literally travel with you, and be set-up, where ever you choose to go.

Anytime The Corefirst™’s rapid adjustment of resistance, and it’s ability to instantly change from exercise to exercise its focus on the larger more powerful muscles, can cut workout time as much as half! So, whether it’s a 5 minute stretch in your pajamas at home or a 20 minute session in between meetings at work, Corefirst Trainin™ allows you to integrate movement and stretching into your life, regardless of the time you have available.


The Corefirst™ allows us to anchor anywhere in a 360 degree sphere around us. This unique ability allows us to set up an environment that can challenge our plank standard (from any angle), while we’re in any position (standing or on the floor in any facing), and move in a variety of ways (strength, speed, isometric, static, power, etc).

Top 10 reasons why hands-free works
#1 INCREASED muscle engagement

Gripping a piece of equipment during traditional dumbbell, resistance band and cable training exercises forces the majority of work to be focused in the hands and forearms. Alternatively, in Hands-Free Training, resistance load begins at your major core muscles, kicking open the door to more efficient and effective workouts. EMG testing showed that Hands-Free Corefirst exercises resulted in an average of 20X more core engagement than traditional dumbbell exercises.

#2 It'S EASY

The Corefirst Hands-Free Wraps are easy to use. Simply apply the wraps around your wrists, feet, or ankles and move from exercise to exercise with ease. No need to adjust a weight stack or change dumbbells in between sets, simply walk closer to or away from your anchor point to adjust resistance. 

#3 Versatility

Hands-Free Training allows you to engage in exercises you’ve never experienced before. The possibilities are endless and they’re all possible with one singular device. You can perform strength, HIIT, cardio, pilates, stretching, and yoga exercises (to name a few) without taking your wrists out of the wraps.

#4 It's Fun!

When you’re not gripping a dumbbell or barbell like your life depends on it, there is less strain and unnecessary fatigue on your ligaments and joints, giving you a better and more foundationally-sound workout. 

#5 Increased Range of Motion

We all know that range of motion is an integral part of our physical fitness. Optimally, we are moving to the end range of our range of motion with each movement in order to maintain and increase joint strength and flexibility. But that isn’t always the case with many weighted exercises. Hands-Free Training allows you to strengthen and lengthen your muscles at the same time while helping to increase your range of motion.

#6 focused form + balance

Hands-Free Training causes resistance load to transfer to your core muscles, rather than being stressed within your forearms in a typical dumbbell exercise. This forces your body to engage in proper form to keep your balance when executing each posture and exercise, leading you to strengthen and increase your balance over time.

#7 mind-muscle connection

What’s the connection between the mind and the body? Well, it’s a BIG one. The more you pay attention to the muscles you’re trying to engage, the more in tune your mind will be to what’s happening to all parts of your body, and the greater your ability to keep challenging both of them.

#8 Free Up Your Hands

Take your workout to a level you’ve never experienced by adding other training tools alongside the Corefirst Trainer. By taking resistance (grips, handles, ropes, bars, etc) out of the hands and attaching a dynamic, variable resistance around the wrists or feet, an unlimited number of new training possibilities open up. Hands-Free Resistance TrainingTM allows you to use your hands on the floor, a wall, other training tools, in tandem with training partner, to hit a bag, catch a ball, or to simply empty the hands for practices like stretching, yoga or rehabilitation.

#9 Safer Workout

Safety is paramount and we’re proud that the natural tendencies of Hands-Free Training, like focused form, mind-muscle connection, and core engagement help to reduce injury.

#10 Improved Results

Working more muscle groups? Better form? Increased ROM? Engaging your mind? Safer workout? Leveling up? Enjoying the burn? You better believe all of these benefits to Hands-Free Training will improve your end result.

Strength Training

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Functional Movement

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Balance + Stability

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Performance Training + Conditioning

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Sport-Specific Training

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Do you have classes online?

If you’re already on a training regimen, we find that you’ll be able to easily transition all of those exercises to being hands free and immediately start feeling the results. If you’re new to exercise or you’d like some additional guidance from our trainers, then our Corefirst app is for you!



Anywhere! Watch our simple anchoring videos for detailed information and ideas of where to anchor your trainer! From any door to heavy furniture, anchoring your trainer is incredibly easy and the possibilities are virtually endless! 



We’re glad you asked! Absolutely! Both of our pages are filled with tons of workouts, tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of your Corefirst Trainer. Have questions? DM us and we’ll get back to you promptly.



Hassle Free Returns. 30 Day Money Back. At Corefirst, we stand behind our products and are confident that they will perform as designed. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and performance of our products, you may return or exchange them within 30 days of when you receive your purchase. You are important to us and we want to make sure you have an incredible experience with us.


Corefirst is proudly made in the USA.


Doniphan Stone is a personal trainer, former junior Olympian and collegiate soccer player and cancer survivor. Years ago he created the Iso-Straps to aid his personal training clients. The Iso-straps became what are now the Corefirst wraps. He partnered with fitness industry veteran Jeff Huling and together they came up with the concept for the Corefirst Trainer. You can learn more about Jeff and Donny here.