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Corefirst Pilates

The Pilates Reformer Experience... Anywhere

Connecting the mind, body and soul through the movement of letting go.

Reformer Pilates is one of the most incredible ways to move and train our bodies, yet it can also be one of the most expensive, intimidating, and challenging things to do on go.

We’ve developed an affordable, easy-to-use Pilates training system, with world-class Pilates instructors, that allows you to have a Reformer-like experience in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you want.

What's all the hype?

What is Corefirst Pilates?

Corefirst™ Pilates only takes a minute to set up, and unlike Classic Mat Pilates, the Corefirst™ and Floor Sliders mimic the expensive Reformer machines that you’d use in a studio. You also get exclusive access to best-in-class instructors that will guide you through the signature Pilates exercises you know and love. If you happen to be new to Pilates, don’t worry – we guarantee this program will leave you a Pilates faithful for life.

Corefirst Portable Pilates System

Portable Pilates System

Only a few pounds and the size of a pair of shoes, take your Reformer experience anywhere.

Corefirst Pilate Program

World Class Program

Pilates Programs filmed in stunning locations, featuring world-class instructors.

Corefirst Pilates at Home

Reformer Results

See and feel the results that keep Pilates loyalists coming back for more!

Corefirst Pilates Benefits 1

Time saving, money saving, results gaining.

Why does Corefirst Pilates work?

People love Pilates’ challenging movements because they lengthen muscles, ignite the core and provide incredible results, all while maintaining low-impact on the body.

Simply attach your Corefirst Training System to any door, piece of large furniture or use one of our 50 other anchoring options, login to Corefirst Pilates online and start working out!

Corefirst Pilates™

What is included?

Want to take it up a level?

Corefirst Pilates Plus

Everything in the Corefirst™ Pilates, plus…

Elevate your Pilates experience with the ability to combine the light, medium and heavy cords with more than SIX (6) different levels of resistance for your Pilates movements. You can also use heavy cords to increase the assistance for a movement, or light cords to decrease assistance!

Want it all?

Corefirst Complete

The Corefirst™ Complete provides the ultimate Corefirst experience and includes everything you need to enjoy the full results of EVERY Corefirst program! It includes everything in the Corefirst Pilates Plus, and more…

The Corefirst Complete turns any space into virtually any type of studio you want, and you’ll never get bored with all the possibilities! Pilates, HIIT, rowing, glute, abdominal, arm work – you name it – this has it and more!

introducing the corefirst app

A pass to your vip workouts

Every Corefirst purchase includes one (1) FREE WEEK of unlimited VIP access to all programs, workouts, exercises, and stretches. After the first week, the app is only $14.99/month for all access!

Anchor Up

Where do you attach the anchor?

From a doorframe to a tree in the middle of the park, anchor your Corefirst Pilates wherever works best for you! With endless anchoring possibilities, you really can take it anywhere!

Meet Your Master Instructors

Meet your Master Trainer

A certified Reformer Pilates instructor trained in the Ron Fletcher Method, Mat, Barre & Wanda Chair, Pilates pregnancy, biomechanics, herniated discs, scoliosis and Xtensal training in wellness, Brenda Santa Cruz is the Reformer Pilates instructor at the famed Club Espiritu within the exclusive Villas Del Mar Cabo private club in Los Cabos, Mexico. She’s been featured in film production workouts around the world and has an international following. Her love for Pilates stems from the physicality of strength training combined with the precise technique of dance. Her addictive coaching style makes you want to keep coming back, day after day.

The Corefirst Pilates™ System

What all is included?

(2) Self-adjusting Corefirst Pilates Wraps + 3 Carabiners

Our self-tightening and adjustable patent-pending wraps can be used hands-free, as handles like on a traditional Reformer, on the ankles, or on the feet.

(2) Corefirst Medium Resistance cords with Safety Sleeve Technology™

Our commercial-grade elastic cords last 10x longer than the average elastic band and make your experience extremely safe and comfortable.

Large anchor strap

Our large 38” anchor loop allows you to work out anywhere. Connect it to trees, columns, poles, or any other large stable, immovable object larger than 4 inches.

2 in 1, small door anchor / railing anchor strap

Connect the 12” anchor loop + door anchor to railings, banisters, and more, or simply slide it along the inside hinge of a door for a safe, secure workout. 

pilates floor sliders

Corefirst Pilates Floor Sliders

Corefirst™ high quality floor sliders are double sided so you can use them on any indoor floor including carpet, tile, and hardwood.

Drawstring Bag

(1) Breathable mesh drawstring carry bag

The breathable mesh carry bag holds all of your Corefirst Pilates gear enabling you to pack it up and take it anywhere your heart desires!  

Corefirst Pilates Welcome Materials

Corefirst Pilates Exercise Calendar + Welcome Materials

Crush your goals with a 6-week tracking calendar and goal setting and declaration form.

Corefirst Pilates Poster

Corefirst Pilates Exercise Poster

This 12"X18" poster shows 30 Corefirst Pilates exercises for easy acceses to do anytime and in any order.

30-Day Online Program

When you purchase Corefirst Pilates, you get unlimited access to the Corefirst Pilates Training Program. Your Corefirst Pilates program has been expertly designed by master Reformer pilates instructors and is proven to tone, lengthen and strengthen from the Corefirst.

Brenda and Madison’s instruction will keep you coming back for more, and the gorgeous backdrops will transport you to paradise. You’ll be able to pick your workout length every single day! Incredible results are just around the corner.

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  • Portable pilates training system you can do anywhere
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Corefirst Pilates™

  • $

Reformer Pilates in a Studio

  • $$$$

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Will you already be sculpting that lean, toned and strengthened body? Or will you be sitting on the fence still thinking about it?

With our 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose — except the inches!

Every major transformation has a beginning. Are you ready for yours?

Master Pilates Trainer Brenda Santa Cruz

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this just a one-time fee?


Yes! You get the Corefirst Pilates Trainer + Online Workout Program for a one-time cost. No subscription fees ever.


Where can I anchor the trainer?


We’re glad you asked! Take a look here to see all of the ways!


How long are the workouts?


We designed the program to fit your needs and schedule! Each day you can choose a 25 or 40-minute workout!

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